NSN Part Numbers List for General Electric Inc

General Electric, often referred to as just “GE”, is a conglomerate headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. General Electric parts and services encompass segments such as aerospace, power, healthcare, renewable energy, additive manufacturing, the digital industry, venture capital and finance, and lighting. General Electric formed in 1892 under various notable founders, such as Thomas Edison and J. P. Morgan. Having their start in electricity and electric devices, General Electric slowly expanded their product and acquisitions portfolios over the years. During World War I, GE began producing turbo superchargers, serving fighter and bomber engines. Since then, GE has continued to produce engines, forming GE Aviation as a subsidiary. Currently, General Electric produces a variety of products for their various business segments as they continue to grow and develop.

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CAGE Code: 01002, 14736, 3J722, 4MQL9, 03505, 08806, 0SAM5, 1E255, 5KFP6, 03294, 1A406, 4T674, 50566, 67110, 03508, 03597, 08291, 0NPK9, 0PGW7, 1SLS5, 24446, 30221, 4K400, 50706, 50E49, 64670, 2L365, 71669, 03510, 03513, 08603, 62606, 8C817, 8L639, 99142, 9A859, 03575, 04314, 16867, 1DD72, 20070, 21150, 24447, 43123, 90080, 98863, 03497, 10007, 14064, 66464, 78792, 0FVP2, 12532, 4R838, 58888, 01XK9, 1SW31, 24452, 30552, 3D565, 60099, 77393, 95018, 02639, 08931, 0EE74, 2U774, 90702, 02580, 062W0, 13545, 1K9L8, 24454, 24455, 24457, 3H255, 3P780, 93125, 00261, 01289, 0R9Z0, 1HL38, 24456, 2H388, 4E942, 67067, 85599, 93519, 99521, 29456, 7H858, 0ABH7, 0CCC0, 0PG62, 16784, 3H6T1, 66434, 97425, 03595, 04615, 06083, 0TD34, 17237, 28339, 59651, 9A849, 9F057, 03573, 03576, 06001, 0L5X9, 21151, 5Y039, 73773, 90278, 93201, 93217, 93218, 03516, 04244, 24445, 2X209, 41326, 59669, 5J724, 08805, 08808, 0AZP3, 1A408, 30464, 69629, 7L408, 89730, H3845, 03512, 04242, 07482, 09019, 0JZJ1, 34700, 89380, 05368, 60969, 96972, 03570, 53L27, 80971, 95412, 03350, 03511, 09172, 4H565, 5Y040, 75766, 94989, 01ZA6, 05326, 08771, 0G0L9, 0WVH0, 59436, 5S877, 72799, 88422, 02295, 03499, 09214, 16316, 1DUN1, 1M799, 21149, 7L239, 7V953, 81893, 8B402, 8L720, 1U4B5, 21152, 46387, 59846, 93351, 04290, 09818, 4B147, 9A852, 05344, 60929, 93199, 01748, 02989, 03502, 08798, 08801, 15226, 1R513, 2L257, 44382, 99207, 0VGD8, 21148, 24449, 63233, 95017, 03517, 1U621, 29490, 30222, 36ZP1, 72684, 01288, 03596, 06247, 08804, 08807, 0JXA5, 24451, 29834, 6V976, 6Z9H7, 9C122

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
0505X0940 36 6110-01-286-4780 communication panel Avl RFQ
1001236P18 4010-01-237-8430 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
1C2664 5110-00-632-9720 refacing tool male Avl RFQ
1C2754-4P1 5120-00-570-8591 drive unit actuator Avl RFQ
1C3895G1 5120-00-903-2541 yoke Avl RFQ
1C3963P1 5120-00-951-0082 spacer nozzle Avl RFQ
1C543 5120-00-131-8848 pusher bearing Avl RFQ
1C5698G03 5120-00-831-7009 pusher bearing race Avl RFQ
1C5797G03 5180-01-122-8777 driver set turbine Avl RFQ
1C5829G01 5180-00-113-4256 tool set jack screw Avl RFQ
1C5875P04 5120-00-410-3799 ring spanner wrench Avl RFQ
1C5925P41 5120-00-414-0097 spline wrench fan Avl RFQ
1C6061G01 5120-00-130-0450 wrench set compress Avl RFQ
1C6344P02 5120-01-094-2749 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
1C695 5120-00-394-4694 wrench turbine whee Avl RFQ
1C6958G01 6620-01-111-3335 gage turbine Avl RFQ
1C8194G01 3940-01-383-4674 beam hoisting Avl RFQ
1C8225G01 3940-01-461-1275 beam hoisting Avl RFQ
21C1013P011 5120-00-571-8988 pusher bearing Avl RFQ
21C1208P010 5120-00-691-0006 wrench Avl RFQ
21C2055P010 5120-00-736-8845 wrench torque bolt Avl RFQ
21C2117 5120-00-734-6020 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
21C2227G001 5120-00-475-9946 pusher mechanical Avl RFQ
21C2231G001 5120-00-981-9127 wrench Avl RFQ
21C2345G002 5120-00-928-9357 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
21C2659G001 5120-00-051-3023 puller Avl RFQ
21C3175G01 5120-00-043-0768 puller bearing seal Avl RFQ
21C328 5120-00-631-8972 pusher bearing Avl RFQ
21C356 5120-00-704-3767 wrench spanner poly Avl RFQ
21C3610G001 5120-01-003-1850 installing tool tub Avl RFQ
21C4335G01 5120-01-014-0653 inserter bearing an Avl RFQ
21C505 5120-00-709-4108 pusher bearing Avl RFQ
21C5065G01 5130-00-213-4004 puller hydraulic Avl RFQ
21C6214G01 5120-01-214-4279 clamp vise grip Avl RFQ
21C8266G01 5120-01-156-0974 puller shrouds Avl RFQ
21C8274G01 5120-01-120-4707 pusher bearing Avl RFQ
21C933P010 5120-00-888-8000 crowfoot attachment Avl RFQ
23255-9 3110-00-100-6182 ball bearing Avl RFQ
2C6517P01 5120-01-111-3351 wrench Avl RFQ
2C6965P03 5120-01-576-7960 wrench torque Avl RFQ
3023T46P02 2840-00-595-7300 cover front frame turb Avl RFQ
3049T57P01 2990-01-619-5921 detector metallic p Avl RFQ
305A4800P5 3950-00-947-4711 lining assembly Avl RFQ
3C3003P177 5120-00-678-9487 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
3C3062G01 5120-01-134-7007 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
3C3078P01 5120-01-138-4380 holder stator assem Avl RFQ
3C3096G03 5120-01-254-8580 inserter and remove Avl RFQ
3C3259G02 5180-01-202-9684 tool set Avl RFQ
3C3279P02 5120-01-212-9228 inserter seal Avl RFQ
3C3317G01 5120-01-154-8931 alignment tool Avl RFQ
3C3317P02 5120-01-553-7336 pin straightener el Avl RFQ
3C3384G02 5180-01-202-9687 tool set Avl RFQ
4046T90P01 3040-01-529-9137 extension shaft Avl RFQ
4069T91P01 2840-01-529-9132 support turbine compon Avl RFQ
4152221G9 6610-00-443-1730 resistance spool Avl RFQ
4191T36P01 1650-01-594-6408 filter fluid Avl RFQ
4191T76G02 2995-01-594-6002 valve assembly anti Avl RFQ
462633CP5 2010-00-216-9278 shoe thrust bearing Avl RFQ
5040T00G12 2840-01-653-3896 shroud segment turbine Avl RFQ
5051T20G01 2840-01-539-1658 nozzle turbine airc Avl RFQ
5056T60G01 2915-01-529-9126 tube assembly aircr Avl RFQ
5074T67G01 2915-01-529-9143 tube assembly aircr Avl RFQ
5074T92G01 2840-01-621-9246 compressor aircraft Avl RFQ
573D384P003 2840-01-510-4609 compressor aircraft Avl RFQ
5KC35JN12 6105-01-172-1325 motor alternating curr Avl RFQ
6020T76P06 2840-01-500-3304 blade compressor ai Avl RFQ
6040T70G04 2840-01-141-1067 case and nozzle assemb Avl RFQ
6040T70G10 2840-01-141-1067 case and nozzle assemb Avl RFQ
6044T03G01 2840-01-539-1651 support bearing aircra Avl RFQ
6071T16G01 2915-01-529-9117 tube assembly aircr Avl RFQ
6080T23G01 2915-01-529-9115 tube assembly aircr Avl RFQ
6648377-28 2010-00-469-0819 base bbtg fi ture Avl RFQ
672B646P2 3110-00-148-4195 ball bearing Avl RFQ
752B667PC3 5120-00-652-0663 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
753B578PCG1 5120-00-652-0670 device jacking and Avl RFQ
8100E8200 5120-01-245-6224 wrench torque Avl RFQ
892274G01 5120-00-500-7863 removal tool seal Avl RFQ
8DJ49GAD1 6610-00-551-3610 indicator position Avl RFQ
8DJ67FBN1 6620-00-955-5614 indicator electrica Avl RFQ
8TJ39AAA2 6610-00-817-8767 transmitter positio Avl RFQ
8TJ9PAV 6610-00-515-4704 transmitter positio Avl RFQ
8TJ9PAY43 6610-00-526-4394 transmitter positio Avl RFQ
9002M63G01 5120-00-293-2224 key socket head scr Avl RFQ
9407M58P03 5120-00-410-9146 puller post Avl RFQ
C10A305 4130-00-449-5260 plate valve Avl RFQ
CR109B722MAA 6110-01-007-2891 controller motor Avl RFQ
F-1025-1.50 3990-01-149-6580 brake floor wheeled Avl RFQ
K8165714PC7 4130-00-469-4958 valve plate compres Avl RFQ
L43102G02 2040-01-522-4205 roof assembly Avl RFQ
L43129P02 2040-01-515-8031 handle door Avl RFQ
L44594P01 2840-01-621-9747 insulation blanket Avl RFQ
SF024090-019T1 5120-00-903-2676 wrench adjustable Avl RFQ
WW5999085PC25 5120-00-288-8682 wrench ratchet Avl RFQ
WW6650340SH1PC28 2010-00-036-3582 collar bearing Avl RFQ
WW8443853SH2PC48 2010-00-036-3582 collar bearing Avl RFQ

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