Aircraft Maintenance Tooling Part Numbers Catalog

This category encompasses all tools and equipment involved in the maintenance and repair of aircraft, airliners, fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, drones, and spacecraft. Tool assemblies, tool kits, and individual units are included in this category. Common maintenance tooling described in this group includes multimeters, ampere, resistance, digital, ammeters, bonding meters, capacitance resistance meters, ARINC data loaders and data bus analyzers, 429/629, gauges, jacks, axle, hydraulic, tripod, tension rigging, tools, reboring tools, torque/loosen tools, etc. 

All aircraft maintenance tooling must meet airplane maintenance manual (AMM) specifications, OEM specifications, and/or commercial maintenance manual (CMM) specifications in order to be used within the aerospace industry. Equipment used in the maintenance and repair of an aircraft must be the tooling recommended by the sources listed above, or tooling with established equivalency; tooling is designated by aircraft series.

At Methodical Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we proudly supply aircraft maintenance tools and equipment from reliable manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, and Embraer. 

Part No RFQ
98A27307547000 RFQ
460007042-2 RFQ
A3-91-267 RFQ
98F55109012000 RFQ
856A2718 RFQ
98D27407532000 RFQ
460007085 RFQ
A11063 RFQ
G47001-17 RFQ
F80229-65 RFQ
98A52308008000 RFQ
98D28108647000 RFQ
HU41764-1 RFQ
98A32201011000 RFQ
98A522307598000 RFQ
98F28109004000 RFQ
F26630200 RFQ
1324A RFQ
98A32101004000 RFQ
A78025-100 RFQ
97A24202404000 RFQ
98A27508020000 RFQ
OU145506 RFQ
856A5649G01 RFQ
40-68/112-55 RFQ
98F38108656000 RFQ
98A27108025000 RFQ
98A32301003000 RFQ
G54018-TBD RFQ
HU35382-1 RFQ
J07004-59 RFQ
F72942-1 RFQ
98A27307545000 RFQ
97F32001001000 RFQ
F80229-69 RFQ
98D27303000001 RFQ
856A3111G01 RFQ
98D32104013002 RFQ
FE171901 RFQ
HT210-20 RFQ
A49002-2 RFQ
98A32501005000 RFQ
98A32303002000 RFQ
IAE1N20001 RFQ
A27019-8 RFQ
G601R381002-13 RFQ
G601R491001-1 RFQ
856A3111G02 RFQ
98A32301011000 RFQ
IAE1N20404 RFQ
460007135 RFQ
98D27504008000 RFQ
99F21008420000 RFQ
K07003-15 RFQ
83000357 RFQ
98A521080076000 RFQ
IAE1J12004 RFQ
OU131281 RFQ
856A6615G01 RFQ
98F54503006000 RFQ
98A27508036000 RFQ
98D52003004001 RFQ
98A27207543000 RFQ
IAE1R18893 RFQ
98F28109003000 RFQ
98A27504032000 RFQ
856A3111G04 RFQ
F70258-1 RFQ
GSE55938 RFQ
460006227 RFQ
IAE1J12187 RFQ
856A1469G02 RFQ
98D27407502000 RFQ
IAE1J12121 RFQ
98A32301004000 RFQ
98A32301013000 RFQ
98D52003003001 RFQ
856A1322 RFQ
98D29003501000 RFQ
G36050-TBD RFQ
98A52207617000 RFQ
98F49108381000 RFQ
98L32109002000 RFQ
A27088-18 RFQ
98F28109010000 RFQ
A12007-23 RFQ
98L26203001000 RFQ
98D27504084000 RFQ
G601R270003-1 RFQ
460006704-3 RFQ
AC21860000 RFQ
G601R521116-1 RFQ
98A27307549000 RFQ
F80049-56 RFQ
98A32301018000 RFQ
B29001-46 RFQ
802-0208 RFQ
856A6761G01 RFQ
F80017-33 RFQ
856A1084G04 RFQ
98F7110H036-000 RFQ
98F52208441000 RFQ
G32053-1 RFQ
98D27309001000 RFQ
98A52307567000 RFQ
A21001-44 RFQ
98A21003002000 RFQ
856A2717 RFQ
460004446-3 RFQ
98A49601000000 RFQ
460007082 RFQ
C27001-42 RFQ
460007110 RFQ
J54007-55 RFQ
460005205-6 RFQ
856A1320 RFQ
M46789 RFQ
460007309 RFQ
DRT68863 RFQ
856A3802P01 RFQ
98D34103002100 RFQ
2MIT2A264-0812-1 RFQ
856A3409G01 RFQ
98A27207507800 RFQ
98F28109002000 RFQ
98A32301016000 RFQ
98D27603001000 RFQ
98A27501005000 RFQ
GSE55758 RFQ
98D27309003000 RFQ
98A52308015000 RFQ
460007109 RFQ
98L26208460000 RFQ
98A52207588001 RFQ
98A32201004000 RFQ
H2-835 RFQ
460007116 RFQ
GSE55915 RFQ
Q21983 RFQ
460005204-7 RFQ
98A27307546000 RFQ
856A3408 RFQ
K27044-1 RFQ
A38012-31 RFQ
94-8136 RFQ
98F29203002000 RFQ
98A32104172000 RFQ
460005204-5 RFQ
856A3500G01 RFQ
460007310 RFQ
98L34001000000 RFQ
856A3111G05 RFQ
98A27501006000 RFQ
CE2-40 RFQ
A52027-1 RFQ
15MIT65B01231-1 RFQ
98D56103001000 RFQ
856A2662 RFQ
T20273 RFQ
98A27207606000 RFQ
98A27308007000 RFQ
98A32301001000 RFQ
98L32104016000 RFQ
856A3617G01 RFQ
856A2703 RFQ
98A32301014000 RFQ
98A52308013000 RFQ
M83723-59-112AN RFQ
98A52108007400 RFQ
460005294-5 RFQ
97D34103000000 RFQ
HT210-16 RFQ
98A27508034000 RFQ
98A32301002000 RFQ
98A76101003000 RFQ
A24008-27 RFQ
A27020-1 RFQ
J27076-11 RFQ
0U145914 RFQ
IAE1J12244 RFQ
C27046-13 RFQ
IAE1J12243 RFQ
A12001-15 RFQ
G601R324305-1 RFQ
98A32301000000 RFQ
98A760010000000 RFQ
98A32401000000 RFQ
856A3810G01 RFQ
98A32101005000 RFQ
98D27207547000 RFQ
856A3111G03 RFQ
98A32501002000 RFQ
OU190514 RFQ
OU100514T100873 RFQ
98D54403001000 RFQ

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